The following must be avoided during all ten  days post-microblading procedure: 



 • Practicing sports, working out, enjoying the sauna, a hot steamy bath, a fun night in the jacuzzi - all cause increased sweating and moisture to the brow area, please avoid all of these activities for all 10 days ( Or anything that causes increased sweating for that matter)

• No swimming or water sports

• Absolutely no makeup in the brow area

•  Be careful with your daily routine. Keep facial cleanser and moisturizers away from your healing brows. Only the recommended post creme should touch this area. 

 • Whether it's the salon, self spray, or the natural sun absolutely no tanning.

 • Do not have any laser or chemical treatments/peels done, Also avoid putting on any creams  or ointments containing RetinA or Glycolic Acid  

• Avoid scratching, and picking of the microbladed area to avoid scarring and potential removal of the pigment 


• Be careful of sleeping positions. Do not sleep on your face this can also affect the area

• Stay away from activities such as heavy cleaning or yard work where there may be airborne debris

 • Drinking and smoking can also delay the healing process

 • Convertibles, motorcycles, skateboards, rollerblading, skydiving etc...  All of these are super fun, but open air activities must be avoided

• Keep your face out of the direct stream of the showerhead.

•Basically for 10 days nothing creating moisture should be introduced to the brow area

What to expect 

The natural healing and exfoliation cycle of the skin is very different for everyone. During the next 4- 6 weeks here is what you can expect:

When you leave & a few days post procedure, the pigment may darken or appear thicker.  Do not let this alarm you. The pigment will fade ( most cases 30 -50%)This is also why color selection is so important. After the darkening cycle anywhere during the next 1-3 weeks, the skin begins to scab, flake and peel.​ It is very important that you do no touch it during this phase. Also during this phase the pigment fades the most, sometimes even appearing to have disappeared. This is the new skin forming over it. After 4-6 weeks you are fully healed. At this time we are able to see how the skin has retained the ink and advise touchup where needed. Just remember to KEEP THEM DRY & FREE OF ANY MOISTURE. Please remember results are different for everyone! There is no guarantee to how your skin will hold the ink. This is why we also offer $95 touchups for an entire year!