Microblading is NOT recommended for:

- Anyone under 18 years of age

- If you are currently Pregnant

- If you are breastfeeding please consult you doctor

- If you experience epilepsy

-Anyone with large pores or very oily skin

-Any one who sweats A lot in brow area 

- Diabetic ( both types) please consult you doctor

- If you are undergoing chemotherapy, have a pace maker, Major heart problems organ transplant

-If you are on Retin-A or Retinols please stop use 10 days before procedure( will not be able to use until healed)

- A recent sunburn in the area, rash, Eczema, acne , Rosacea

- Extremely sensitive skin or prone to bleeding

- If you are currently or were recently on Accutane

- Sick the day of procedure

Prepare For your Appointment

You are welcome to arrive with your brows filled in if you have a specific shape that you love!​ For those who are unsure I also encourage you to fill in what you are used to, or comfortable with. None of this is needed of course, you may arrive makeup free and we can start from scratch! We do NOT begin Microblading until you are comfortable with the shape you see. I also let you take sneak peaks thought the procedure to ensure we are on the right track!

-Please no Waxing, Plucking, Or Threading 2 days before appointment.

-Do not take aspirin blood thinners (unless recommended by a doctor) or Drink in excess 48 hours bore appointment ( This may cause more bleeding)

-Avoid Tanning ( salon, self, or sun 7 days before procedure)

- Stop Retin-A and Retinols 10 days before appointment

- Check list above and FAQ to ensure Microblading is for you!